I’m seeing The Tallest Man On Earth tonight @ the Pabst in Milwaukee.

The cheapest beer on my Hong Kong campus.

The cheapest beer on my Hong Kong campus.

Chinese investment diversification

Currently the economy in China tends to favor large, local, diversified businesses.  Markets lean towards info asymmetry, which makes it difficult for private investors to diversify.  Therefore, the only real safe way for investors “spread out their eggs” is to invest in one large company that operates in many industries.  The thought is that a large company has a huge brand image to uphold, which gives them all the more incentive to deliver better business in each division.  (i.e. - if a company fucks up their image in one product, it will fuck up image and consumer demand in their other products).

可口可乐 - Coca-Cola branding in China

In my intro to Putonghua (Mandarin) class, I learned that Coca-Cola translates roughly into “tasty happiness”.  Pronounced kě koŭ kĕ lè.

(kě) = to permit

(koŭ) = mouth

(lè) = happy

Some Chinese characters do not mean anything individually.  Only when combined with other characters do they take on meaning.  In this case however, the individual characters give a general idea of the meaning.

(kě koŭ) = tasty (food or drink)

(kě lè) = be happy.  Which has also somewhat taken on the meaning of “soft drink” since Pepsi soon after branded their drink as 百事可乐, pronounced baĭ shì kĕ lè in China.  Which means “be happy with everything”

Read this if you want to see about the Chinese Coke branding story.

Japanese marketing is awesome.

I had no idea the 5/6 hour energy drinks have been around circa 1990.